From the understanding of old computers from the 70s to date, people will be able to use and learn how to program and use. This will give communities the understanding of computing from the past to date and the use of future technology, like the Microsoft Hololense. Importantly, the museum will be an interactive museum and always developing

  • Provide education, training and work experience opportunities.

  • Provide local facilities and events for all the community

  • Create a meeting point at the community café.

  • Workshops, classes and clubs that are inclusive for all the Community.

  • Volunteering and job opportunities.

  • Hold Clubs

  • Help with Donations

At the museum we will have:-

  • Childrens Birthday Parties

  • Holiday Clubs

  • Christmas Market

  • Retro Clubs (Amiga, BBC etc)

  • Open Workshops

  • Training Clubs

  • Coding Clubs

  • Electronics Clubs

  • Business Digital Promotions

  • Provide vital IT Skills

  • Support the education of local people.

  • A sense of belonging for the Community.

  • Promoting links to other social groups and strengthen our community.

  • Provide opportunities to increase community led activities.

  • Recycling Computers

  • Book Swap facilities

  • location for Information

Plans for the Museum & Workshops approx 4000sqft

Soon to open at:-

Leigh Spinners Mills, Park Lane, Leigh, WN7 2LB

Please Subscribe for more information on opening


This is a hands on museum - try the computers they used in the 1970s, 80s, 90s etc. Learn the different languages used on many types of computers and see how the games industry revolutionised the computer industry


T: 01942 582826

M: 07903 123621