There is an identified need to provide a computer & internet museum for the people of North West and the wider area.  There are only hand full of other such facility in the UK.  The “hands on museum” will provide people with a sense of community, improve people’s knowledge of IT and provide training and job opportunities.


Direct Technology Communities CIC is a brand-new CIC company trading as Northwest Computer Museum will bring old and new technology to the community. It will have a full computer museum with usable exhibits from the 1970s to date and workshops to help train people from young to the old in the usage of retro computers, different programming languages and programming of electronic boards such as Arduino/Raspberry PI Boards to design electronic projects. Also we will help and supple the tools to use the internet safer.

From the understanding of old computers from the 70s to date, people will be able to use and learn how to program and use. This will give communities the understanding of computing from the past to date and the use of future technology, like the Microsoft Hololense.

Importantly, the museum will be an interactive museum and always developing. As technology grows and change, so will the museum.

  • Computer & Internet Museum with a wide range of Exhibits and information

  • Teach new skills to a wide range of individuals such as ex-armed forces personnel, older people, mums with young children 

  • Help the younger generation to learn about older technology and link that with the newer technology such as virtual reality and encourage them to have an interest in the technological future

  • Teaching skills such as programming to give practical skills applicable in a modern digital workplace 

  • Encouraging groups currently not proportionally represented in the technology sector such as females to have a passion for technology 

  • Bringing together those recruiting with those looking for work

  • Help community-based projects such as schools in deprived areas by donating recondition computers, that have been recondition by an unemployed person we have taught the relevant skills to.

  • In the future, to offer City & Guilds Courses to allow people to gain qualifications in the IT field

  • Clubs for Retro Computing ie BBC, Commodore Amiga etc.

In the workshops, there will be training on designing electronic boards to be programmed from the PC, so making you programming ideas to come alive in the real world.

The museum will have a Virtual Reality suite, this will allow people to experience the world of Virtual reality and Mixed Reality. Also looking to helping people to design videos and applications in VR.

We now have facilities with Home Computer Museum in Noord Koninginnewal 28, Helmond, Netherlands. I had visited them a couple of days before their opening on Saturday 17 March 2018, I helped on the museum layout which was put in decade form, ie computers in the 70s, 80s and so on. The owner Bart van den Akker and myself Joseph spent time in perfecting a joint relationship we can enjoy with future collaboration to enhance the experience of computers in history including the possibilities of joint ventures. Bringing together two countries experiences of past computers. If your in the area, A fantastic day out, Highly recommended.

See their site on https://www.homecomputermuseum.nl


This is a hands on museum - try the computers they used in the 1970s, 80s, 90s etc. Learn the different languages used on many types of computers and see how the games industry revolutionised the computer industry


T: 01942 582826

M: 07903 123621

E: joe@nwcomputermuseum.org.uk