Creative & Digital Technology Skills

We are starting 6x 2 hour sessions for up to 15 children Year 7 children at:-

26th July at 10am (2 hours) - Gaming & Creative Skills

27th July at 10am (2 Hours) - Computer programming/Coding Session

28th July at 10am (2 Hours) - Raspberry Pi Understanding & painting a designer case

29th July at 10am (2 Hours) - Designing Timeline with Key people in technology

30th July at 10am (2 Hours) - 3D Printing and 3D Game Sculptures painting

31st July at 11am (2 Hours) - Celebration, see what you have done and learnt

All events are FREE and will come with refreshments during your two hours with us.

The aim to these seminars is to help the younger generation to appreciate the history

of computing, gaming and programming in a fun packs sessions. Also we will be exhibiting your designs in the museum. (Location will be announced, it will be close to the Mills in Park Lane, Leigh)

This is in connection with

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