Northampton University

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Earlier in the year, we had a call from Northampton University asking would we like to be donated Electronic and computer products to Northwest Computer Museum. We ended up with two van full of items and some old Electronic Oscilloscopes (Analogue) which we will be showing and hopefully using allowing students to see the difference between Analogue and digital scopes.

“Official thank you to Northampton University”

This week, we had another call from the University with a couple of old computers they would like to donate to us. A Super Brain And a Sirius Vector

Siruis Vector

The Victor 9000 / Sirius S1 was conceived by Chuck Peddle who also designed the first Commodore PETs. This machine was quite innovative and superior in many points to the original IBM PC. It met a certain success in Europe as the IBM PC was not yet available there, whereas the Sirius S1 (european n