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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Northwest Computer Museum will be based at Spinners Mills, Park Lane in Leigh.

Leigh Spinners Mills was originally set up as a cotton spinning mill just before the First World War, in 1913. As a company we therefore have a very long association with textiles, building our name on quality and sound good value.

Why Here?

“The museum is all about the history of technology, I thought where is the best place to open a museum, but in a building with so much history of technology over the last 100 years”

We was hoping to be opened on 1st August, but unfortunately, the fire department found it nessaccary to close the Mills and to the 40 businesses already in there due to inadequate second fire exit. The board have successfully have receive the funding to get the second staircase and more importantly a second fire escape to make sure our customers are safe when they come to visit us and also other organisations in the Mills.

Friends of Leigh Spinners

We are determined to take this fantastic, important historic landmark and place it at the heart of a thriving and positive Leigh. We are committed to giving Leigh Spinners Mill a place in Leigh's future that pays tribute to its role in the past, and gives Leigh youth, Leigh business, and the Leigh community a flagship facility that everyone can take pride i

“Leigh Spinners Mills, Park Lane, Leigh, WN7 2LB.”

Heritage based attraction with the original. partially restored steam engine and a host of community-based groups and businesses

Get Inspired

Visit the Mills at:-

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