Keeping alive the history of home computing by exhibiting working computers from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Historical facts on how computers have developed over the last 4-5 decades.

Workshops allowing people and the community to develop skills to help for both hobby and careers.


The museum will be a live area with working and ever changing exhibits. We will be growing year on year with new items on display and again growing historical records. We will be inviting people from the past of computers in many field to come and share their experiences and we will be storing their  information for generation to come. Inviting Schools, Colleges and Universities to come and visit and in some respects be part of the museum and workshops.


In the museum, we will have an Internet Cafe with free usages of computers, Internet and for a small fee printing facilities to help with projects, learning and job hunting.

Early Education

We will have the facilities to help younger generations in understanding the basics of programming, electronics and VR


We will have many items donated to the museum which will need restoration and repairing, this will be an ideal place for people of all ages to learn and create new skills with computing and electronic repairs.


During development of education we will be introducing City & Guilds accreditation for students. We will be setting up courses for all ages and experiences to gain more and valuable skills in Programming, Electronics and Application designing.


All information gathered by the workshops and museum will be available to anyone for both hobby and working towards education awards.

Environmental Policy

With the environmental issues we are facing in the world, we will be covering this in workshops to help people to understand how we can make more use of clean energy and developing possible usages within the museum.


We will be located within a Mills in Leigh called The Spinners Mills which are over 100 years old, so intruding the past with the present.