We are a group of people who want to introduce people both young and old to the history of computing in the UK. Giving people who normally wouldn't have the opportunity to develop skills and experience technology that they could not. Working closely with Schools  and colleges from the surrounding areas.


Apart from the directors, we have many volunteers which are valuable for the running of the museum. Without them this project would be difficult. However, if you would like to be a volunteer, please email me at or complete our application form.

There are many areas within the museum you can volunteer for:

Working in the Museum

Helping in the Workshops

Workshop Tutor

Tour (Teaching visitors on the computers)

Arcade helper

Internet Cafe

Gift Shop

We would advise and encourage all volunteers to help in all areas of the museum. However, if you prefer to stay in one area, that is entirely up to you. This all about learning in many fields and something you can add onto your CV. We don't want any of our volunteers to use their own money, we will pay for all out of pocket expenses. There will be rewards and recognition for all our volunteers.